Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy Mou(stache) Year

So it turns out that there's no good photos of me since I started the moustache, so here's the best (worryingly). I'm in the middle, with the moustahce, with some lovely work colleagues. Anyway, 2008 - it's been a good year; Hope you all had a blast, and thanks for reading! 2009 will be more regular with the blogging. I won't promise any more than regularity, but who knows; maybe 2 Staples per week? Watch this space...

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Staple - Rebuttoning a Coat



Button for Punishment

So I had the flu and a couple of rather hectic weeks - where did the time go; a minute ago it was November. I actually got around to rebuttoning a coat after constant reminders from the blogs of Sunday Best and Style Salvage. Of course in my haste to rebutton, I forgot to take a 'before' pic, but you can see on the first one, the old buttons are the darker ones. I found the new ones eventually in good old John Lewis; going for a classic military look. I saw some gorgeous gold-fronted wit a star-imprint butons on Liberty, but they hadn't enough. I also added the top row of buttons to lengthen the coat's appearance, and sewed in the cuff-buttons a little tighter, so that the sleeves would be slightly more nipped-in. All in all a successful evening's work, and the new coat gets lots of compliments. Especially when I wore it with a brown leather belt which cinched in the waist too. Though one tip; perhaps this should be avoided with a moustache; a little too much military can deliver unwelcome 'Hitler' comments - thanks Janine, Ross, Ben, etc for that. Aaanyway, I guess this rebuttoning has brought this coat back from the dead and this conforms to the whole credit-crunch-chic thing of redoing rather than repurchasing. The less said then, about my cashmere jumper and 12th cardigan from Uniqlo purchases, the better (except they are both lovely). Other Staples this December:
Rebuttoning an old coat
Watching an entire DVD boxset before breakfast (thanks flu)
Managing to bag some cheap first-class train tickets home
The Champion pub in Fitzrovia
Uniqlo knitwear
Covent Garden soups
Jean Genet's 'Querelle de Brest'