Monday, 14 June 2010

Glossy Obsession

It's not just working for a magazine that keeps me interested in the magazine industry. Lavishly-produced glossies are the Staple of many a menswear blog, and not only serve to inspire, but also, enjoyed properly, become an act of defiance, a way of harking back to an earlier, pre-internet time when journalism only existed in a print form, and the most commentary you were likely to get was a letter printed on the following day's 'Dear Editor' page. It's a fact that the magazine industry is still in rude health because the quality of what's being produced is increasing, and the realtime Twitter/blogosphere/comments page only serves to increase the lust for something permanent, concrete and unchangeable. Over the last couple of weeks, I've been fortunate to have a few hours of chilling out time in various places (my new flat is pleasingly without a working telly), and been able to sit down for an hour or so and digest an entire magazine. Reading Man About Town on a Shoreditch roof terrace with a glass of rosé in hand was one of the most civilised things I've done recently, and this evening's settling down on my sofa in my flat with a mug of tea and a copy of Ten Men was a pretty equal second. The immersion into another world and the feeling of calm that this generates is incomparable; I justify the purchase of weighty magazines because I equate them with books. Yes, there's advertising, and yes, there's a lot of it, but just because the content is trying to sell you something doesn't mean that it can't be enjoyed on an aesthetic level. Editorial in my favourite magazines now is irreverent and inspiring; Charlie Porter's piece on the escalator at St. John's Wood station in the latest issue of Fantastic Man is one of the most inspiring articles I've read recently, because of its beauty-in-mundanity approach combined with the effect that Mr. Porter's calming prose has on the reader. I can't recommend searching out a good magazine and devoting an hour of the day to it; time spent reading is nothing if not a Staple. Other Staples this week:
Devouring a whole magazine in a single sitting
Capri-Sun orange juice
Spending a day messing about on the canal on a barge
The Diner in Camden Town
A nautical, navy-and-cream-striped thin knit cardigan
Goat's cheese from Neal's Yard dairy
Disco Discharge compilation CDs


Mat said...

i could not agree more, said so well. i may only eat beans on toast a lot but i have always got enough money for magazines.

plus a do actually enjoy the adverts

xS said...

cheers Mat! There's an old quote from SATC about buying Vogue instead of dinner because 'it nourished more', which is classic Carrie bullshit, but there's definitely a ring of truth to it...