Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Just Deserts

I went to a meeting last week about social media. The guy I was talking to actually used the term 'cross-platform integrated strategy' in my presence (although in his defence, he did apologise for it). We laughed about it, but accepted it. After all, however wanky the words might sound, they are the easiest way to refer to what we were talking about. This morning, I had an entertaining discussion with a couple of people (@oohbrilliant and @sluttyfringe - poor @_sophiejames got caught in the crossfire) on the hipster-ness of trousers tucked into those boots. Whether it's a hipster signifier or not, it was a discussion on Twitter, and thus we're all fucking hipsters anyway. Some things we just accept as Shoreditch cliches. In this vein, may I present the desert boot. At aforementioned meeting, both of us turned up wearing desert boots, and (self-aware media types that we are) immediately recognised the fact. We laughed about it, but *puts on SJP voice in SATC* it got me thinking: how come everyone is wearing desert boots? Trendy guys, dads, office workers and shop asistants alike favour the desert boot, and the girls' version (with a wedge heel) is pretty popular too. What's the attraction? I think the reason is that the desert boot is that perfect blend of just-smart-enough without being too formal; just practical enough not to be ridiculous and above all exceptionally comfy. The crepe sole offers a lovely bounceback that we're just not used to in a non-trainer, post-plimsoll world of footwear, and suede is soft and yielding, like a nerf ball. I'm a semi-recent convert, buying these electric blue (well, almost) beauties in the time-honoured manner: in the sale at Liberty, last winter. For bonus points, they're from APC. And I've been living in them - lasting me throughout the summer and autumn, I've worn them to raves, family events and work; like I said, they're perfect for any occasion. Although they do bear the scuffs, scars and stains of the cycle commute. Anyway, before I fulfil any more cliches, and after much deliberation, this week's Staple is without doubt the desert boot.
London's fantastic cab drivers
Future Disco compilations
Quilted sweatshirts (from Topman)
M&S ginger beer
Receiving invites for #LFW
Home cooking


Mat said...

yeah everyone is getting on bored now up north, esp seeing theyre now in the high street shops like topman.i'm still plumping for them though, they're easy too. brogues are fussy and trainers can be scruffy. plus they last for ages like. yeah i remember tucking my trousers into my socks with them last winter, not seen the crowd doing yet up here

Duck said...

I, for one, am not wearing dessert boots. I don't want to wear anything that my parents lived in thirty years ago.

xS said...

Ha, yep Mat - I'm all about the comfort now I'm getting on!
And Duck - I'm sure my Mum used to have one of those flowery tops like your Jil Sander...;P

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Best sort of footwear to grace the mens shoe lounges in a while.

helen, X