Monday, 17 September 2007

La mode

London Fashion Week has arrived, and at last I've had a free weekend to escape to the shops. And amongst the distressed D&G denim and the dayglo patent hi-tops in Selfridges, I browsed among the more sophisticated brands APC, Martin Margiela and Dries van Noten. But one brand to which I keep returning is Full Circle, kind of like Kris van Assche for Dior on a more modest budget. That's where I discovered this beautiful shirt, which had me thinking all around Selfridges, despite the preponderance of well-dressed young men, and eventually I was rushing back to buy it. The colour is the hottest of the season, featuring throughout the menswear floor, from Alexander McQueen through Burberry Prorsum and Paul & Joe to Gucci. Note also the beautifully-cut, minimal and unusally small collar. The fit is immaculate, slim but not skinny or tight, and the colour is flattering but not garish; on trend but not fashion victim. OK, at £50 it's not especially cheap, but I would be surprised if anyone could recognise it as non-designer. Men's fashion (ouside the fabulously hedonistic BoomBox scene) is all about a subtlety of cut and colour that merges together to create an almost imperceptibly better whole that is immediately noticeable. This fashion week, I have been telling my mates (semi-jokingly I suppose) to 'do their bit' for British fashion. This shirt, and indeed much of the Full Circle Autumn/Winter collection is a very good place to start. Along with this week's other Staples:
Cadbury's mini rolls
The new Go! Team album, 'Proof of Youth'
Full Circle menswear
Framed film posters
The Rake pub in London Bridge
Hoegaarden with a slice of lime
Notting Hill Exchange

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