Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Where's Your Head At?

If you're a true music fan, you get proper equipment to listen with; decks, a good-quality pair of speakers and high-end cabling are Staples for getting an extra level from CDs and records, and this was the first thing I invested a significant amount of cash in; even before a suit. For my birthday (which now seems quite a while ago), my parents bought me these lovely, bright blue WeSC headphones from HMV. They are now my constant companion, offering much superior sound quality and generating previously unknown depths to my music. Coupled with my shiny Xmas iPod and newly-acquired home internet, this means I can finally start putting some of my (worryingly large) CD collection into mobile transit usage. Although I was initially unsure about the colour of the 'phones (my bro thought they looked a little "International Rescue"); it's definitely grown on me, and has been commented on by lots of music-y people (and Liberty shop assistants); nothing if not distinctive. Aside from better sound quality, they clamp securely & warmly over my ears, making them almost like musical earmuffs; pretty essential in this cold snap. they're neither too big nor too large, and feel like they will last much longer than most of my previous pairs (life of the last pair: 2and-a-half weeks). They work pretty well for DJing too. Finally, they stop sound leakage out to the rest of the tube carriage, and are less likely to damage your hearing as a result. Musical harmony fused with style and practicality - if only more of my purchases were this useful...
Anyway, on to this week's Staples:
Blue WeSC headphones
Waitrose Cheese & Poppy Seed Twists
Being able to use the internet at home AT LAST
Simian Mobile Disco at Koko; Fab new single Synthesise
Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds Musical (1978)
Slowly becoming addicted to Twitter (id: sebulous)
Soulwax Nite Versions still has the ability to make me smile whatever

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