Monday, 31 January 2011

Parka and Ride

Well there we go. Straight into 2011, and I fail to post for two weeks. Ah well. In my defence it was my birthday (and that seems to have been going on for about two weeks...) But yeah, anyway. It's bloody freezing at the moment, innit? And I'm Northern (well, originally, at least). I've climbed hills in freezing snowy conditions (including a memorable whiteout on Ben Nevis), I've lived in the Midwest where one day in October, 3 foot of snow suddenly falls and doesn't disappear for 6 months, I've skied in the Alps, but it took a parky night out with my parents in the Lake District last Autumn for me to fully appreciate the brilliance of this parka. Having arrived home without a practical coat, and not wanting to pair my nice jeans with an enormous fluorescent cagoule, I decided that there was nothing for it but to cocoon myself inside this somewhat voluminous parka. A relic from my student days, it had been languishing in my room at my parents house (much to my Mum's consternation) for, maybe 4 or 5 years. I originally bought it in a vintage shop in Camden back in my first year, wearing it incessantly, and looking like a tramp with my 'artfully' distressed jeans, floppy fringe and filthy Puma Roma trainers. Fast forward half a decade, and look how things come full circle! Parkas are everywhere on the high street, and wearing this one with my gorge electric blue suede APC desert boots and a pair of narrow chinos have given it an updated look. Yes, it's a bit obvious, but you can't swing a fake-fur cat in Shoreditch without hitting someone in a 'heritage' parka, and I'm safe in the knowledge that mine was a measly £25 quid a decade ago, and not the best part of a grand from Present or Nigel Cabourn (as lovely as these brands are). It's also, (as I'm sure I say every week, about every item of clothing that I wear) perfect for cycling; warm, voluminous, durably and not too long. The fur around the hood does look a bit ratty, but with its orange lining, it feels more 'miner at a picket' than I normally would, and the hand-warmer pockets give it a certain cosiness that I just don't get from any of my other jackets. It has become, without a doubt, my Staple winter coat. Not quite sure if I'll wear it to LFW yet though - what d'you think? Other Staples this week (ahem, fortnight)
Feasting on cheese
Taking high tea at Liberty
A French magazine (about magazines) called Magazine
Mason & Taylor in Shoreditch
Hercules & Love Affair's new album Blue Songs
(shamefully) Watching old, old Sex and the City DVDs
Acne t-shirts

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Mat said...

i think you could put it off for lfw, maybe bust out some check trousers with it and see what that looks like.

i remember having one when i was about 15 from burtons, they were mega popular about 10 years back