Tuesday, 22 January 2008


This week, it's a double-bill of Stapling. I spent this Saturday playing the most fantastic game. Last year, some fantastic friends of mine put together a Monopoly board-based game, whereby a big group of us split up into teams and travelled across London doing rather odd challenges. On Vine Street, we hid in plastic bins and shot a video. I, predictably, got stuck, and the following hilarity won some points. One of my mates had to do a somersault on the trampolines at the Trocadero. We collected flyers, photos, and other random objects to get more points. Much to our surprise, we won. And it had been genuinely one of the best days I've ever had in London. So when this year's was announced, I was unbelievably excited. Despite going to bed at some ungodly hour of the morning and getting to London Bridge for 12 (where we demanded they open the pub), I was possibly the most excited I've ever been. The game followed a similar format this year of running around London doing mental stuff - digging up Green Park, finding out obscure knowledge, lying in the street imitating dying horses and vets, stealing flowers from the Ritz, playing 'bus darts' , buying tourist tat, taking silly photos at every available opportunity and spelling out our team name with a different shot at every stop. Saturday was one of the most exciting, interesting and superlative days I've ever had in London, and I want to thank Kev and Tom for organising one of the highlights of my year. Even if the defending champions only came 10th out of 14. But it didn't matter; it genuinely was the taking part that counted, seeing stuff in London, like Buckingham Palace, that you never normally would. Never mind, there's always next year...and if it's even half as good as this year, then I cannot wait. Literally, I cannot wait. This is an absolute Staple.

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