Monday, 28 January 2008

Reiss and Pleased

So the sales are drawing to a close, and I must say I’ve had a pretty good sale-shopping season this year; a plentiful haul, all at less than half-price. My favourite bargains (before this weekend) are some black Energie jeans for £23 and my gorgeous patent leather ankle boots from Russell & Bromley, down from nearly 200 quid to £69. Unsated, I decided in my post-Birthday party hungover-funk to venture to the Liberty sale. Nothing whatsoever, well at least nothing of a reasonable price – I love the Dior white jazz derby shoes, but they’re still £139, and the Kris van Assche knitwear, which is reduced, but still £150-odd. So I left empty-handed (though severely nursing a need to buy the entire Dries van Noten SS08 collection) and headed to Reiss - which is a goldmine this time of year. I picked up a pair of burgundy jeans (shamelessly 'inspired' by my mate Ross) for £20. And a gorgeous midnight blue pure wool jumper for £20. And a couple of scarves – one huge and woolly, the other smarter and aubergine - down from a collective price of £100 (for 2 scarves!) for under £25. The key with sale-shopping at this time of year is shamelessness. Many friends, countrymen and fellow-bloggers have decried rooting around in sale buckets, but I absolutely love it – it makes shopping more of an adventure; a real treasure hunt. And while there’s not always a high success rate, the feeling of walking out of a high-quality shop with your bag of lovely swag - having saved nearly £200 - is incomparable. Get yourself down there and have a rummage; now is the time. Other Staples this week:
End-of-Sale bargains from Reiss
Camino Spanish bar in King’s Cross
Lightspeed Champion’s album ‘Falling off the Lavender Bridge’
Drinking Pisco Sours
Konstam at The Prince Albert restaurant
Afternoon naps

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