Monday, 20 August 2007

Festivalis Digitalis

You know that rubbish you buy just because it seems like a good idea at the time and you're a bit drunk/high? Well, I love doing that. Just finding some improbable item somewhere is one thing I am actually good at (perhaps I should add it to my CV?) and last week was no exception. French supermarkets (in case you've not had the pleasure) are often stocked with such gems. So the combination of France and a tiny festival with supremely good acts ( meant that we spent a good couple of hours in total in the hypermarche, where I bought a resin model of a seagull. Which I instantly became attached to. Hash EwaWoowa - as he became known - was an event in himself. He was thrown at people's faces whilst being tied to a piece of elastic; became an amusing prop when a real seagull stole someone's lunch from a bar; got into a dogfight with a toy poodle in a nappy and tragicaly lost most of his legs, and nearly took a dive into the channel on the return trip. It's rubbish like this that makes festivals, and indeed life, worth living. That novelty item, the one that you discover and create a story around can often be the best reminders of temps bien perdu; embrace them when you find them, as they provide much better memories than a million filed digital photos. This week's staples are:
Justice's album '+'
Spanish dessert wine as an aperitif
Pref magazine
Mauve canvas shoes
The Yorkshire Grey pub in Fitzrovia
Reading Festival
Hot French boys

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