Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Vive la Fete

OK, so I survived Reading Festival; just. Unfortunately the seagull didn't, nor did my wallet or phone, or my lovely pacamac-cum-bag. However, out of all the things I've taken to festivals this year, one has been useful come rain or shine, this visor. It's an Umbro diffusion product, from the milliner Philip Treacy, the man who designed hats for the fabulous Isabella Blow (RIP). Not only was it useful for keeping water/beer from my glasses, but it also allowed my head to breathe and there have been days when it hasnt been removed, in fact I think it was the last thing I took off before sexytime...or maybe that was my glasses. Anyway, festivals are about balancing practicalities with luxuries, Clinique with Carling, Umbro with Umbrellas, Tents with beautfiul T-Shirts. And of course seeing some fucking fabulous music, and having an unfeasibly good time with your mates. But when they're over, the fundown begins; every year after Reading, I have some quiet time with some favourite music and have a moment of sadness that the festivals (and this year there were 8), and the summer is over. And althought this is true, everything else still remains, it's just that wearing a gold visor around town is a little less acceptable when you're on your way to work Ah well, it'll still be here next year, along with those other luxuries. Next year, on the inspiration of the girls camped next to me, I'm taking a plastic bowl to fill with water - there was nothing more refreshing all weekend than dunking my head in some cool, clear liquid. The luxuries don't have to be luxurious, just useful; it's all about balance. With that in mind, here are this week's staples:
A gold visor
Hot English boys
Prescription Sunglasses (yes again, they're just so useful)
Manuka Honey
Reusable carrier bags for the supermarket
Stealing vodka from a festival bar

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