Tuesday, 2 October 2007

An Eyeglass for an Eye

I almost can't believe I've not Stapled this before. Monocle magazine is a relatively new title (this is only issue 7) and it's already stocked outside of the specialist magazine vendors. A magazine whose main headline reads "Is Nuuk the next Reykjavik?". A magazine with an entire manga pullout comic at the back, but which also deals with everything from Tajikistan to Cartier. A magazine that's also beautifully designed (thanks to ol' Tyler Brûlé). Quality magazines are something I buy often; they have the temporality of a newspaper coupled with the artistic photography of modern art museum, and good enough writing to fill many bookshops. They are a fabulous form, and this upstart has displaced several of my regular purchases with its no-nonsense tone and subject matter you hadn't even considered not knowing existed (the shortage of diplomats in Azerbaijan?). It also proves that there's plenty of life in non-digital media yet. Absolutely essential for lunchtime and bus reading, as well as late night flicking when you don't yet want to sleep, but are too tired to read another novel or send another variety of digital message. Staples this week are:
Monocle magazine
The Hookah Lounge on Brick Lane
Leather motorbike gloves
Wensleydale cheese with cranberries
Leftival in Bethnal Green ("in memory of Hash EwaWoowa")
The Antiques Roadshow
Interpol's 'Our Love to Admire'

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