Monday, 15 October 2007

Paris Portage

OK. So it was outrageously expensive. But isn't it fabulous? After a promotion on the Friday, what else could I do but head down for a retail therapy reward? I spotted this bag a couple of weeks ago, hidden on a high shelf at the APC concession. I was attracted by the navy and brown plaid, barrel shape, and abundance of straps. The wool is soft but durable. A side pocket makes it even more practical. This bag bridges the gap between smart and scruffy and looks equally as good with a smart trenchcoat, purple canvas trainers or a work outfit. And the thrill of buying the last one in Selfridges (except the display model), having it packed into a stiff, shiny yellow card bag, hitching it over your shoulder and walking away grinning ear-to-ear, thinking 'I shouldn't have bought that' while cute boys glance admiringly and jealously in your direction, cannot be beaten. Yes, it's materialistic and self-indulgent, but sometimes everyone needs a bit of this. Unfortunately this means I will be eating nothing but toast for the rest of the month, but with a bag like this, so what? With this in mind, here are the rest of the week's Staples:
APC plaid wool barrel bag
Gin and tonic
The Marlborough Arms on Torrington Place
'The Third Policeman' by Flann O'Brien
A Silent Disco in the Tate Modern
The London Love column in thelondonpaper
Black and white gingham shirts

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