Monday, 8 October 2007

Yule Britannia

As we edge ever-nearer to an American-style Xmas which begins as soon as the final rays of summer beat down, our retailers begin Christmas earlier and earlier each year. However, this needn't be as bad as you might think; along with the opening of Selfridges Christmas Hall (August 18th this year; a guilty pleasure if ever there was one), the arrival of Yule logs in Tesco is almost enough to take away from its Hades-like atmosphere. These rolls of chocolate joy should be sold throughout the year, and the fact that they are not perpetually flummoxes me, especially the fudge-covered Finest ones. Especially the end pieces. The most vexing fact is that they are still labelled as Christmas food. It is October, and thus not Christmas at all. But none of this takes away from the delicious fudgy filling in between swirls of soft cakey sponge, in solid chocolate. It's almost better than the M&S food porn adverts. Well, this is Tesco. And the rest of the 'Christmas' food selection is similarly palatable; puddings, pies and cakes that recall the roaring fires of home, crisp winter mornings and your favourite winter duvet. Grab some next time you're pushing past your fellow shoppers, I guarantee it'll be worth it. Staples this week are along an autumnal theme:
Chocolate Yule log
Notting Hill Exchange
Long umbrellas with a curved handle ("the surprise formal element")
Cocoa with honey
Luxe merino knitwear layered over American Apparel t-shirts
House parties - especially those with live music and DJs
Rediscovering your old Modest Mouse CDs

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