Sunday, 16 December 2007

If Gold was Good Enough for Jesus...

As the mythical 'Xmas party season' rolls into view, style sections seem to be full of partywear for both men and women. However, unless you work at some sort of UberTwat banking firm in the City, the suggested tuxedo and smart shoe look is a little OTT. Not that I dislike smart (quite the opposite in fact), it's just that I am rarely invited to an event which demands it, where other guests will appreciate the sublime cut of my jacket and the subtle choice of shirt and shoes that I would, in theory, make. In practice, I have been spreading a little Chistmas cheer in these beauties. I bought them in early spring - hence the slightly worn gold - after spraypainting both loafers and Converse for a few years before. They are some sort of Limited thing, only available from Foot Locker in Covent Garden, In gold leather, with diamante studded sides, and gilding on the rubber toecap as well. For me, not seeing anyone else wearing them has been a higlight, except for M.I.A. in a photoshoot. They are widely admired, and were well worth the premium over the more subtle gold Cons. Gold shoes are ideal Xmas party outfit finishers; they certainly solved my last-minute shoe crisis. And though they are everywhere in adverts; in reality, even in 'trendy east London', metallic shoes are rare. They are, however, best paired with an understated outfit. Give it a try this Xmas; after all, if gold was good enough for Jesus...Other Staples this week:
Gold leather, diamante-studded Converse hi-tops
Cantaloupe in East London
Daft Punk classic songs
Decorating the Xmas tree
The V&A's 'Out of the Ordinary' craft exhibition
Boycotting Tesco
A lovely evening in Camino, Kings's Cross

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