Sunday, 2 December 2007

[Insert Apple pun here]

So, as a result of the deathly illness that has struck me, I've spent nights in with my trusty laptop on which I am typing now, and I've been reminded just how important the internet, and available access to it have become. The free wifi has been a little intermittent this week, and without it, I've felt more isolated than I expected. However, typing as I am now, with a full fan of internet signal, sitting on my bed with the Mac balanced on a B-Store shoebox and the Guillemots in the background, I'm reminded of just how lovely it is to have this invisible connection with the world. And, perhaps more importantly, a device so ergonomic and efficient that if my wifi disappears here, I can pack up and go to Camino (or anywhere with interweb) and set up in 30 seconds. There's something appropriately edible about Apples; the glossy finish, soft touch and veritable malleability which makes using them a complete pleasure to use. The idea of a fully portable, uncomplicated portal which can store all my music, photos, writing and can allow me to book tickets, talk to my mates, do my banking, shop, meet people, even work is fabulous. And the added bonus of looking like a spare prop from 2001 is the icing on the cake. I am truly a convert; after years of crashing, boxy beige PCs and constantly breaking laptops, Apples really are top banana. Other, less pun-worthy Staples this week:
Apple laptops
The Baz Luhrman-directed Chanel No. 5 advert
Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes
A diamante spider brooch
Thornton's Advent calendars
Ian Curtis' biopic, 'Control'

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