Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Mistletoe and Wine

"So here it is, Merry Christmas..." and I've been Xmassing to the max all week. Although this time of year is always a bit of a whirlwind, for me, Xmas has been more or less confined to December, and even then to the last fortnight or so. Schmaltzy adverts, shopping panic, eating too much and even Xmas music; all of it has kind of passed me by, in a very pleasant way. I think this is mostly as I'm not working in retail any more, and as a result I've had a terribly civilised yule. And I think this is the way forward; as much as I love shopping, I have been very virtuous this December with my present purchasing in anticipation of the sales. Not only that, my train journey home was fine - I even managed some seating in First Class, I had a lovely Xmas eve lunch with my mates, Xmas day itself was very relaxed, and even Boxing day has been rather lovely. The only constant thing throughout December was my lovely Thorntons advent calendar - a Staple if ever there was one; there's nothing like counting down the days until something exciting happens, and marking that with chocolate is the only possible improvement. Maybe I'm getting old, but Xmas now seems to be so much more of a real holiday and a break from everything than before. Lovely stuff. Xmas is an absolute must; time to chill, eat and relax. And of course throw yourself into the sale mêlée at Leeds Harvey Nicks tomorrow. Other Xmas Staples include:
Thornton's Advent Calendar
Watching old BBC programmes on Dave and Dave +1
Pink prosecco
A Vivienne Westwood checked scarf
A real fire
The Yard pub in Ilkley, West Yorkshire
Giving greatly appreciated presents

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